this chapter is closed

Hello all members of this community (masked_angels)!

It has been mighty long since I last posted here (or any of us posted here), but I wanted to put an official post that I will no longer be posting here. I have stopped photoshopping anything since I've gone to college (lack of time, new laptop is a butt, blah blah blah, etc.) and I think its only fair to give this community an official goodbye. This announcement is long overdue but now that I am more free (summer time, yay :D), I thought I could go on livejournal once more.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful users who have supported us by commenting, joining, or even just using our icons, banners, etc. It was a wonderful experience for me, but times have changed (tumblr has kinda taken over, livejournal has changed so much, etc.) and I don't think I can uphold the responsibility of running a community. However, I will always cherish the memories I have created here and wish you guys will too.

I hope you guys understand and if there are any last requests or questions (any loose ends I have not tied), please feel free to message me or comment here. Thank you and goodbye~!